Dedicated to increasing opportunities for public education and awareness about the tragedies caused by impaired driving and the dangers of not wearing seat belts.
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Ducky Drop - June 21, 2014
Spectator Pole Climb
2014 IBEW Local 77 Picnic
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Wenatchee, WA

Over a decade, the Andrew York Lineman Rodeo committee has made lasting friendships, formed bonds and created cherished memories through the Andrew York Lineman Rodeo and Scholarship Fund. We thoroughly appreciate the support from all of the competitors, spectators, vendors, judges and sponsors over the past 10 years. With your support, we have placed over $190,000 into the Andrew York Memorial Scholarship Fund and given away over $30,000 in scholarships. 

This year was no exception. With your help, the Andrew York Lineman Rodeo committee was able to place $37,000 into the memorial scholarship fund. With interest earning, the endowment will provide scholarship for years to come to Washington state high school seniors active in preventing drunken driving. 

It is with our sincerest gratitude that we extend a huge THANK YOU to you for your support, this year and over the past 10 years. 

It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to the Andrew York Lineman Rodeo. However, with your graciousness, many more deserving students will receive scholarships and Andrew’s memory will continue to positively help youth in Washington state for years to come.  

The Andrew York Lineman Rodeo Committee